Новости JetBrains. Сентябрь 2020

  • Выпущен Kotlin 1.4. Акцент –  качество и производительность
  • JetBrains Toolbox 2020.2 Updates
  • Kotlin 1.4 Online Event, October 12–15
  • Другие вебинары и он-лайн события

Kotlin 1.4 Released with a Focus on Quality and Performance

Kotlin 1.4 is out! It brings the speed and quality improvements that were frequently requested by the community. Try the new Kotlin 1.4. Find out more details in this blog post.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Goes Alpha

KMM is a smart solution to the longstanding problem of having to write the same code for a project twice, once for iOS and once for Android. It uses the multiplatform capabilities of Kotlin and includes various tools and features designed to make the end-to-end experience of building mobile cross-platform applications as enjoyable and efficient as possible. Enjoy the natural way to share code between mobile platforms.

JetBrains Toolbox 2020.2 Updates

We’ve prepared a short summary of all the 2020.2 versions of tools that have been released in JetBrains Toolbox so you don’t miss any of the major new features.

Kotlin 1.4 Online Event, October 12–15

Join us online for four days of deep diving into the technologies behind Kotlin’s latest release. There will be plenty of opportunities to talk with the team during Q&A sessions and in 1-on-1 booths. Get all the details and register today.

Product Releases and Company News

Get Support for Database Tools and SQL Inside WebStorm — Great news! We’ve made it easier to get access to database tools and SQL inside our JavaScript IDE. Starting with v2020.2, you can get a subscription for our database plugin and use it inside WebStorm for a sensible price.

Toolbox App 1.18 — The Dark Theme is now available in Toolbox App 1.18. Check out the blog post for full details.

EduTools Plugin v4.0 — Introducing EduTools v4.0 and the 2020.2.1 versions of IntelliJ IDEA Edu and PyCharm Edu. We’ve added a gauge of your course progress to the course browser, a lot of improvements for JetBrains Academy, and a special treat for keen learners.

Dokka Alpha for Kotlin 1.4 — Dokka is a documentation engine for Kotlin, and it made it to Alpha on Kotlin 1.4. It includes simplified Gradle configuration with less manual setup and allows you to merge source sets in multiplatform projects. Find out more and share your feedback to help us continue to improve Dokka.

Get to Know Datalore by JetBrains — Datalore is an online data science tool with smart coding assistance. Read a quick overview of it in this blog post and check out the getting started tutorial. This is the first time Datalore has been featured in this newsletter, and there’s a lot more exciting news to come.

GoLand 2020.3 Roadmap — Have a look at our roadmap for 2020.3, which includes an even better experience with Go modules, generics and Go 1.16, updates for the debugger, and remote targets.

ReSharper C++ 2020.3 Roadmap — The ReSharper C++ team is now looking ahead to the 2020.3 release. The roadmap includes big additions from C++20, performance optimizations, and move refactoring. For game developers, we’re working on the Unreal Engine project model and integration with UnrealHeaderTool.

Vladilen Minin on Launching His YouTube Channel and Using WebStorm — We spoke with Vladilen Minin, the author of a popular YouTube channel about web development. Vladilen told us why he decided to leave commercial web development and pursue a career in education. He also explained why he uses WebStorm to make his educational content.

QA Is Like Playing Chess Against Bugs — “My experience as a QA engineer at JetBrains has been pretty unique. The software is among the most complex there is. In order to test it properly, you have to think and work with the IDE as a programmer would.” Check out our interview with Anna Kutarba.

Technological Highlights

Java Annotated Monthly: September ’20 — This month we have another huge edition for you. It includes a look at Java 15, news about Java 16, articles and videos on testing, Java / Jakarta EE, and Java libraries.

.​NET Annotated Monthly: September ’20 — The September 2020 edition of .NET Annotated Monthly, curated by Rachel Appel, is now available. It covers the latest news, releases, tutorials, and blog posts.

PHP Annotated Monthly: August ’20 — Check out the latest news from PHP Internals with a load of useful articles, tools, videos, and podcasts, as always.

Webinars and Online Events

Xamarin, MAUI, and the Reactive MVVM Between Them, September 17 — During this talk Rodney Littles, II will take a trip through Xamarin, MVVM, and ReactiveUI, and he’ll show the future state of Xamarin, MAUI.

From The Docs: PyCharm Skills, Beginner to Advanced, September 17 — PyCharm’s tech writer Alla Redko joins us to discuss how all help gets made. We will explore 3 help topics — one for beginners, one intermediate users, and one for advanced users — then demonstrate all the ways to use that feature in PyCharm.

Developing Micronaut Applications with IntelliJ IDEA, September 18 — Iván López, Senior Software Engineer with Object Computing, will demonstrate how IntelliJ IDEA can help developers create applications using Micronaut.

YouTrack Administration Essentials, October 1 — Join us and you’ll learn how to set up and adjust YouTrack to manage your team tasks and projects, and to meet the needs of your team and your whole company.

C++ Team Online — The JetBrains C++ team is adapting to a new world of online events. See what took place in June, July, and August, and check out what’s in store for September.

REST — The Ignored Parts — Watch the recording of our webinar with Irina Scurtu to learn more about how we can design a REST API that is flexible and evolvable by being in sync with what HTTP has to offer.

Ask Me Anything Session with the WebStorm Team — We’ve collected some of the most interesting and frequently asked questions from our first Ask Me Anything session on Reddit.

Learning Resources

Alt+Enter: The Problem-solving Shortcut — IntelliJ IDEA has a shortcut that can get you out of almost any kind of trouble: Alt+Enter. Learn more about it from this blog post.

Popular GoLand Plugins — Did you know that over 2,200 plugins are available for GoLand and are waiting for you to discover and use them? Check out our latest post, which reviews a few of them.

RubyMine Video Tutorials — Check out our beginner-friendly video tutorials playlist. It’s also a useful resource to share with anyone just getting started with RubyMine.

Nikita Popov and Nikolas Grekas: Symfony PHP 8 Compatibility — Symfony principal engineer Nikolas Grekas was recently interviewed by PHP core contributor Nikita Popov. They discuss problems that the Symfony team encountered while making the framework compatible with the upcoming PHP 8 release.

Customizing the AppCode User Interface — Learn how to customize the AppCode user interface in our new article.

Learn Arduino Development with CLion, Part I — Many of those who are interested in Embedded Development start with Arduino-based projects. In this series of blog posts, we will highlight how to nurture such hobby projects and bring them to a more professional level, as well as how IDEs like CLion can help you with this process.

ReSharper C++ 2020.2 in Detail — ReSharper C++ brings support for the Unreal Engine project model, better interoperability between C++/CLI and C# code, and file templates, as well as improvements to code completion, navigation, and code style. It is now available to everyone with a ReSharper license.

Say Hello to Localization Manager In Rider 2020.2 — Now you can build multicultural .​NET applications with localizable resources using this new feature in Rider.

Debugging Unity Players Over Network and USB with Rider 2020.2 — In this post, we’ll see how you can use Rider to debug your game on mobile devices and consoles, such as iPhone, Android, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Improved Analysis and Hints for Nullable Reference Types — In this post, you will learn about some cases where nullability analysis in .​NET may be misleading, and about how JetBrains Rider and ReSharper can provide extra safety.

How to Debug Hangs Using the dotTrace Performance Profiler — Read this guest blog post from Michael Shpilt to see how to use dotTrace to find the root cause of a hang and fix it.

Your Summer YouTrack Playlist — Enjoy our curated YouTrack playlist with hidden gems from this summer – small features to brighten up your day.

Manage Product Requirements with YouTrack Knowledge Base — Are you part of a development, product, or project team working to deliver great products? Learn how you can be more effective with YouTrack Knowledge Base.

Space Packages Update: Project Repositories — Packages are now project-wide and have support for permissions. If you use organization-wide packages, some action might be required. You can find more details about the changes in this blog post.

Space Packages: Get Started with npm Registry — Let’s take a look at the basics, including how you can create a npm registry and how you can publish and get npm packages – all from right inside your Space instance.

Early Access Programs

TeamCity 2020.2 — We are glad to announce the Early Access Program for TeamCity 2020.2, featuring authentication via GitHub and Bitbucket, improved test reporting, and preliminary integrations with JetBrains Space.